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Dried Red Pippali (Long Pepper), 300g
July 22, 2018
Red Kampot Pepper in a handcrafted Sugar Palm wood box, 100g
July 24, 2018
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Black Kampot Pepper in hand crafted Sugar Palm Wood box, 100g



The World’s Gourmet Pepper. A very fresh, intensely hot pepper but with levels of aromatics to match the heat. There are wonderful waves of both menthol and floral sensation coming through at some length. Berries are picked while still green, but just before turning red, cleaned and dried under the tropical sun.

Our organically grown pepper vines flourish on the mineral-rich soils of Kampot’s Kon Sat hills in the best possible climatic conditions. At the optimum point of ripeness, the berries are picked, sun dried and sorted by hand. Only perfect grains of a rich colour and desired size are good enough to be called Bo Tree Kampot Pepper.

the Sugar Palm tree is Cambodia’s national tree and has a rich, beautiful grain – a lovely gift.

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Weight 500 g
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