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Black Kampot Pepper in hand crafted Sugar Palm Wood box, 100g
July 24, 2018
White Kampot Pepper in a handcrafted sugar palm wood box
July 24, 2018
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Red Kampot Pepper in a handcrafted Sugar Palm wood box, 100g



When the pepper berries are left to mature on the vine they turn from green to red. These are harvested and hand sorted to pick out the best of the best. The red peppercorns offer a sweeter, fruity flavour of pepper that is suited to a wide array of uses, such as on fruits salads and strawberries, ice cream or chocolate. It is also exceptional with more gamey red meets such as lamb or venison.

The pepper is vacuum sealed for freshness and placed inside a cylindrical box which is hand crafted from Sugar Palm wood.

The Sugar Palm tree is Cambodia’s national tree and has a rich, beautiful grain – a lovely gift.

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Weight 500 g
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